10 Spooky Supernatural Stories from England of the 19th Century

Bettiscombe Manor is one of the most chilling ghost stories in England. The manor was owned by a slave owner who did not want to send the body of his deceased servant back to Jamaica. The ghost had been haunting the manor ever since. When the body was exhumed, the skull started screaming. It is resting now buried on the cemetery.

Supernatural Stories Inspiring POP culture

We live in a world shaped by POP culture. All true supernatural stories that sound real immediately catch the attention of Hollywood producers. There have been several great movies about ghosts and other supernatural beings. Lately, there have been a huge trend towards the “found footage” genre when moviemakers are trying to create a pseudo-documentary or even a fiction film that has recordings from hidden cameras and personal video capturing devices like phones. Several prominent movies are Paranormal Activity and Ghost Busters. The iconic movie Ghostbusters, made in the 80s, still inspires game developers to this day. You can see for yourself and play free of charge Ghostbusters-themed slots on casino sites by claiming a matched deposit bonus.

The best Horror Games

While movies and TV shows are good for the horror genre, video games are an even better medium. If you are looking to be spooked to death by something supernatural, you will love games inspired true supernatural stories and real events! Some great games are Dead Space, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and many more. However, you may find great slot games in any legal casino. A typical online casino wants to attract users who are interested in true supernatural stories and real mystical events! They will give you a casino bonus to spend on slot games that may very well be about ghosts and spirits! In most cases, this casino bonus can be used for other games, such as online poker. However, players who are particularly oriented in this game, should always look up for sites that offer the best poker bonus and enjoy a good reputation on the market.

There are different games on all gaming platforms that may attract your attention. There are great games that you can play even on your mobile phone.

The Main Takeaway

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