Spooky Stories

All of us, Once Upon a time, have come to think that one of these mysterious beings could exist. From facts to more than one, it could be considered real even though it was labeled myth. But they are exciting mysteries that we will rarely ever solve.

There are so many spooky stories that have become an oral tradition that lends itself to those who still believe or have witnessed paranormal events. Here we have compiled the best scary stories based on mysteries and paranormal phenomena.

Start shaking, because spooky stories are coming, but instead of being scared, you should know that the only fears that exist are those that come from our imagination.

  1. “Humans can lick.”

Lisa is often alone in her large, isolated home in the heart of the corn fields. Her parents come home late every night and have therefore decided to buy her a dog, to reassure her. One night, she is awakened by the sound of water dripping. She gets up and closes the bathroom faucet. When she goes to bed, she slips her hand under her bed, and her dog licks it. It reassures her.

The noise continues, and she decides to tighten the tap in the bathroom. She goes back to bed and slips her hand under her bed again, and her dog licks it again. But the noise goes on, and Lisa can’t sleep. She makes one last tour of the house without finding anything and then goes back to sleep, slipping her hand under the bed. The dog licks it again.

The sound is still there, and Lisa decides to locate its origin: the sound comes from its closet. When she opens it, she discovers her slaughtered dog, suspended by the hind legs, slowly bleeding out. On the door of the closet, a message written in blood: “even humans can lick.”

  1. “The babysitter and the killer upstairs.”

Helen is 16 years old and goes to a babysitting service. She has to look after the 3 children of a young couple, who are away for the evening. When she arrives, they inform her that the children are already asleep and that they will not return late.

Helen moves into the couch in the big house and opens a book. The phone rings, but when she answers, no one talks to the other end of the line. A few minutes later, the phone rang again, and this time a freezing voice answered: “Did you go to see the children?” then nothing.

Thinking it was the father who was calling to see if everything was going well, she thought he had been cut off and would call again. In fact, a few minutes after the phone rang, “have you gone to see the children?” repeated the voice. “Mr. Stuart?” she asks, worried, but no one answers.

She decides to call the restaurant where her employers dine but are informed that they have been gone for 10 minutes. She then contacted the police, but they told her that they could do nothing against telephone hoaxes. As soon as she hung up, the stranger called her again: “Why didn’t you go see the children?”

Frightened, she contacted the police again, assuring them that the stranger was nearby and that she felt it. The agent at the other end of the line decides to take her number and reassures her: “the next time he calls you, we’ll trace the origin of the phone call, Okay, Helen? Stay calm, especially.”

Helen turns off the living room and locks herself in the kitchen, the phone next to her. It rings, and this time, she answers right away – ” what do you want from me at the end?”

– “Why did you turn off the lights?”

– “Who are you? What do you want from me?”

– “I see you, you know.”

– “Okay, all right, you scared me, you did it. You’re happy, is that what you wanted?”

– “Non. What I want is to bathe in your blood.”

Helen hangs up suddenly, terrified, but the bell rings again. “Let me go,” she screams in the receiver.

– “Helen, it’s me, we traced the call, you need to get out right now. The call came from one of the rooms in the House. Get out now!”

She runs towards the door and begins to open it with trembling. She panics, drops the key, picks it up, then gets up. She hears a noise in her back and sees a door open at the top of the stairs. A halo of light comes out of the children’s room, and she sees very clearly the silhouette of a man standing, turned towards her.

She finally manages to open the door and throws herself out, falling face to face with several police officers on the landing, weapon in hand. Immediately taken over by rescue, she has time to turn around and see the killer, handcuffed by the police. The man is covered in blood — the three children of the Stuart family.

  1. “The Puzzle”

A senior woman living alone decides to do a puzzle in her living room to spend the evening. Out there, it’s total darkness. As she assembles the pieces, a strange impression seizes her: she gradually recognizes in her puzzle the decor of her living room, then her television, then herself front view! More and more feverish, she continues. The last pieces of the puzzle she’s putting together are the ones in the window behind her. The very last room in the corner of the window shows the terrifying face of a man looking at her.

  1. “An apartment haunted by the ghost of a little boy.”

“Ghost story,” says Dear David. In the heart of New York, Adam Ellis firmly believes in sharing his intimacy with a ghost, Dear David. Haunted since the night of August 7, Ellis recounts every paranormal event on his Twitter account. The little boy, disfigured by accident, would have started by visiting Ellis in his dreams. Over the weeks, the Cats began to adopt strange behaviors, unidentified noises were heard, and objects inexplicably began to move, suggesting a paranormal phenomenon.